History of Our Saviour’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Merger of 1917 brought about the establishment of Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1918 by members who wanted to establish a congregation based upon the pure and unadulterated Word of God.  The congregation joined the newly formed Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS) and hosted the second convention of the ELS in that same year.  The church building was purchased from a Danish Lutheran congregation in 1924.  The building was remodeled in 1948 and in 1959-1960 a new addition was added along the side and front of the building.  The nave of the church features a large mural by local artist and member Lloyd Herfindahl which features actual church members as models to depict people gathered around Jesus.  A Christian Day School was operated in the church building from 1920-1948.  Our Savior’s subscribes to the Lutheran Confessions contained in the Book of Concord originally published in 1580, because they are a faithful and accurate summary of biblical doctrine.

The following pastor’s have been called by God to serve this congregation:

E. Hansen (1918-1921)

A. Torgerson (1921-1923)

C. Quill (1923-1932)

E . Hansen (1932-1947)

G. Quill (1947-1953)

E. Unseth (1953-1965)

R. Newgard (1965-1980)

H. A. Preus (visitation pastor) (1968-1980)

T. Aaberg (1977-1979)

D. Metzger (1980-1982)

W. McCullough (1981-1983)

D. Thompson (1982-1988)

W. Halvorson (1989-2012)

D. Bakke (visitation pastor) (1986-2015)

J. Kassera (2011-2017)

M. Lilienthal (2018-2024)

Ted Gullixson – Vacancy Pastor