Bible Studies

The Way, the Truth, and the Life: A Study of World Religions

We will make our study of world religions available on YouTube each Wednesday. Worksheets will be available for download, and participants can e-mail Pastor Lilienthal here: If you would like a physical copy of the handout, please let Pastor Lilienthal know with your name and address, and one will be mailed to you each week.

Why study other religions? We may then better understand others, show love for all people, share our own faith while avoiding errors, and know how to interact with our fellow man.


Index of Lessons:



Lesson 1: What Is a Religion

Lesson 2: Christianity


Lesson 3: Judaism


Lesson 3 Handout – Judaism – Form FillableDownload


Lesson 4: Islam


Lesson 4 Handout – Islam – Form FillableDownload