The Second Sunday of Advent 2018

The Son of Man will come in a cloud with power and great glory.  At that time whole countries will be in despair, afraid of the roar of the sea and the raging tides.  People will faint from fear as they wait for what is coming over the whole earth, for the powers in space will be driven from their courses.  When these fearful things happen, do not look down upon the earth, nor to wealth, nor to friends.  These cannot help you.  Look up to him who went before you to build a home for you.  Look up!  Lift up your heads!  Your final deliverance has come.  The King of grace has returned.

O Savior, rend the heavens wide;
Come down, come down with mighty stride;
Unlock the gates, the doors break down;
Unbar the way to heaven’s crown.

ELH #97:1